2003-12-10: Frozen in time

Yeah, I froze this project again. I just don't find the time. And even worse, I started yet another one - this time, one I am really trying to keep up with. It's easier than this, too. Check out spiky-haired dragon, worthless knight.
That does not mean that I have totally given up on this one. Just that it will probably be quite some time until the next update ^_^;;

2003-10-05: Hisashiburi da ne!

OK, so I did a sloppy job this time. Did not ink it properly, did not bother to get the screentones just right. But if I had waited any longer, I would never have put it up.
After all, I had the sketch for that page lying around finished for ages. Too bad that in the final version, Korin (the boy with the turban-thingy) looks nothing like in the sketch. I liked the sketch better. Oh well ...
Meh. Maybe I'll devise a way to do this with even less work, and then I can actually update once every two months or something ^_^;;

2003-05-23: Haven't given up yet.

Yeah, I finally pencilled, inked, shaded and uploaded the first of the two pages I had planned to do for such a long time.
Seems I got too many projects - and this one isn't exactly high on my priority list. Oh well ... at least there's an update now. I hope the next one won't take that long, it's kinda not nice to stop in the middle of a sentence ^_^;;
Hey, if I keep up my current speed, the chapter will be finished some time around 2007!

You know the deal: Read right to left. Yeah I know it's kinda stupid, but I'm too used to that ^^;

2003-04-24: I haven't forgotten this ...

... but no, I don't have an update either.
The sketches for the next two pages have been lying in my drawer for about two months now, but for some reason I just don't feel like finishing them at the moment. Sorry.
Furthermore, I noticed an error in the katakana of the title pages. Serves me right, having done those from memory instead of consulting my notes ... Yup, I misspelled my Japanese version of "Khrysh" and never noticed until now. Should fix that some day ...

Or maybe I should just give up on this project and do some simple chibi strips instead ^_^;;


2003-02-17: Lazy artist, lousy artist

Hey, I put up another page! Not that anyone cares...
I'm really not good at this ... poor Kirita looks different in every panel. Well, this will probably be even worse in the future, while I'm trying to find my style.
Oh yeah, and I think I overdid it with the screentones again. Or maybe not? ^^;

Eh. I'm doing this for practice, after all. It will be months, or with my speed, rather years before I'll show any improvement. I'll probably run out of patience way before that. ^_^;


2003-02-01: Beginnings

After this site has been sitting around for a while with nothing but two pictures, I finally finished page 1.
Why I am doing this? Don't know, I can't draw very well but I'll be too lazy to update anyways. But I figured if I forced myself to try my hands at an ongoing story, maybe I would finally learn to draw better. Practice is the key, or so I was told. Well, I'll try giving myself a reason to practice.
What you are doing here? How would I know, the site isn't even public yet! ^^;

Oh yeah, one more thing: Read right to left. It's supposed to be manga. ^_^